Bike Service

Edd is our chief mechanic, he has years of experience bike servicing and repairing all type of bikes, as the owner he has a keen eye for detail and loves looking after bikes, and is an expert at setting up your bike as well as maintaining it.

With a  dedicated service area, this allows the work to be carried out in a clean and tidy environment, with full access to all the necessary tools a service or repair can be carried out quickly and conveniently.


Guide to service prices (excluding parts)

Service Level I – £20:

Check of condition of all parts, make sure all components function, the equivalent of an MOT for bikes.


Service Level II – £40:

As Level I but every bolt on the bike is checked to correct torque and adjusted as needed


Service Level III – £80:

As Level II but a complete strip down of the complete bike, all parts cleaned and re-greased where applicable


To contact Edd directly you can email him here: