Sci Con Saddle Bag

Sci Con Saddle Bag

You’ve bough your new bikes, you’re ready to go riding, then it occurs to you “what happens if I get a puncture?, where do I store my tubes?”. A saddlebag is the obvious answer, but you also want one that is subtle enough to not be noticed, no point in ruining the sleek look of your new bike with a horrible carcass on the rear of the bike, but it needs to be big enough to hold everything you need. Time to see if you can find that compromise between aesthetically pleasing and completely functional.

I’ve used big bags in the past which hold onto the saddle by Velcro straps, and have that moment when going along about whether the Velcro is holding the bag to the seat or have I left it somewhere behind me. The hunt began for a bag that was small enough to look good, and one that would hang off the back seat by an adaptor plate rather than Velcro straps. I was drawn to the Sci Con Compact 430 Saddle Bag but will admit that looking at the bag there was no way it would be big enough to hold what I needed. Below is a comparison of the size against a standard computer mouse for perspective.

Sci Con saddle bag compared to a standard computer mouse

Sci Con saddle bag compared to a standard computer mouse

The challenge was to travel with the following:

2 x Inner tubes

Tyre levers

Some spare money

Door key

2 x C02 catridges

C02 Pump


In all honesty it took a little bit of persuasion, but it does fit. and everything is tight, which is a good thing, the last thing you want is the contents to be knocking about in the bag. It is a very clever design to have the tyre levers inserted into the bag itself, the quality of the material of the bag itself is very good, it doesn’t feel flimsy, it feels very durable and one that will hold together very well, the base of the bag is quite solid to help the bag hold its shape. The bag is available in either silver or black carbon fibre effect.

Sci Con Bag contents

Contents to fit into the Sci Con Bag

And proof it fits:


All In.

All In.


A full list of Sci Con saddle bags can be found here: