Oneal “The Trigger” MTB Shoes

Oneal “The Trigger” MTB Shoes

Next on my list of “great kit I’ve been trying to wreck but couldn’t” this month…

The Oneal “Trigger” Mountain Bike shoe.

I’d like to start by saying, I absolutely love this shoe.  I’ve been riding mountain bikes for over 15 years now and always stuck to “if the sole is flat, that’s good enough for me” as a rule of thumb when selecting riding shoes.  I usually run big, wide, aggressively studded flat pedals like Azonic A-Frames, Easton Flatboys, or most recently Gusset Oxide’s (review up soon ;)) and have eaten through the soles of Vans, Etnies, DVS, DC’s, Airwalks, Adio’s, Es, Fallen and pretty much every other brand of skate shoe I can think of.  One day I might draw a graph of which shoes lasted the longest plotting each brand against “time contacting pedals.”  Or, I may never ever wear any other shoes to ride my bike in ever again.

Oneal offer this shoe in 2 models, The Stinger – with a regular cut; and The Trigger – featuring a high-top style ankle guard.  I opted for the Trigger as I need all the ankle protection I can get, especially now I’ve had the titanium reclaimed from my left foot!  This additional protection is great if a) you’re prone to catching your boney ankles on cranks/chainstays/front mechs/trail obstacles and b) you have unsightly scarring/unplanned tattoos on your ankles.  I imagine it’s also quite nice in winter as it will keep the snow out of your shoes.

My favourite feature of this shoe is the honey rubber sole.  It grips like an angry gorilla with Araldite setting on it’s palms.  I HAVE NOT ONCE had my feet move from where I put them on my pedals.  Even if I get my foot position slightly wrong the shoes keep me planted firmly on the pedals, so much so that it’s actually difficult to relocate them, especially if you’re pedaling at the time.  I don’t consider this a bad thing.  My shins are wrecked from times when my shoe has half-gripped the pedal while landing a jump, or even rolling off a curb – with the superb grip and added stiffness of the soles I feel safe from unwanted slippage.

I can’t fault the quality of this shoe.  It is well made, it’s comfortable and it comes in a selection of colours and a huge range of sizes.  The price tag is a little hefty, but in all seriousness, I have wrecked shoes 1/3 the price of these in a weekend.  When I wear these out I will have already bought my next pair because nothing else I’ve used works as well as these do.  I don’t often find a product that I can’t find something wrong with – so when I do find one I won’t mince my words.  These shoes 11 out of 10.

Oneal's Trigger shoes

Side and sole views of “The Trigger” shoes

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