One23 2000 Lumen Bike Light

One23 2000 Lumen Bike Light

Price when Tested: £159.99

A great looking light itself, a look from behind and it looks a bit like the ‘Batman’ symbol, something quite cool for the geeks among us, just a nice touch. The first thing you notice is that the light is quite compact and attaches to the handlebars easily with no tools.

The light it projects is very very bright (not something you would use on full brightness on the road), and is perfect for those riding trails through the night. There are 3 settings, Bright, slightly dimmed and flashing, each one affects the battery life.

There is a clear indicator on the rear of the light on battery life.

The only downside is the size of the battery, which is quite sizeable, and attaches to the top tube via a strong velcro strap.

Charging the battery itself is done in around 3 hours from the mains.

Recommended? Yes.